Portugal's Golden Visa

The Golden Visa programme was initiated in Portugal in 2012 and is recognised as the most flexible and advantageous programme compared to any of its counterparts in Europe. It allows the applicant and their family members to obtain a temporary residence permit in Portugal. The condition for obtaining this document is a mandatory minimum period of stay in the country for one year. In Portugal, it is only 7 days. Upon first application, the residence permit is issued for a period of one year, after which it is renewed each time for another 2 years.

After 5 years, the temporary residence permit holder has the right to obtain a permanent residence permit or to apply for Portuguese citizenship and a Portuguese passport.

Both permanent and temporary residence permits in Portugal allow the holder to move freely in the Schengen countries, stay in the Schengen area without limitation in time, as well as work and study.

A residence permit is issued to both the applicant and immediate family members (husband/wife, children, parents).

The Portuguese passport entitles the holder to live and work in the EU and guarantees all constitutional rights to which Portuguese citizens are entitled.


Initial residence permit in Portugal is issued for 1 year.
As a rule, our company lawyers would complete the whole process within 3 to 6 months (depending on the completeness and accuracy of the documents provided by our clients).
It is not required to stay full time in Portugal while the duration of a residence permit: it is enough to reside here for just 7 days a year. After the first year the document is extended for 2 more years.

How to get an initial residence permit in Portugal:

  1. Make an initial consultation appointment (online or personal) with ERG Family Office specialists and choose the appropriate investment programme option and determine the budget that suits you.
  2. Collect all necessary documents from the list and submit them to our lawyers for verification. The success of your case and the speed of processing depends on the completeness and reliability of the information you provide.
  3. Come to Portugal to submit documents in person. Our specialists will prepare all procedures in advance and will personally accompany you at all stages to avoid any queues or delays.


A residence permit in Portugal allows you and your family to travel freely between the 26 Schengen countries in Europe, from Iceland and Norway in the north, to the Baltic States in the east, Malta or Greece in the south. In addition to the “Schengen” list of countries, holders of a residence permit in Portugal can freely visit Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland, Bulgaria and Romania.

Unlike holders of ordinary Schengen visas who are entitled to stay on the Schengen territory not more than 90 days per half year (regardless of the duration of the visa), holders of a residence permit may stay within the zone any number of days per year: from 7 to 365!

You can obtain a work or study permit for yourself or your family members.


After the first renewal of primary residence permit (1 year) for another term (2 years) and the second renewal for another 2 years (i.e. after the formal expiry of 5 years) you become eligible for Portuguese citizenship.

The ERG Family Office accompanies the personal files of its clients throughout the 5 years: from obtaining the initial residence permit to its further extension and replacement with a passport of a Portuguese citizen.

Your immediate family members can acquire Portuguese citizenship along with you. You can also apply for residency permits for your parents if they wish to move to Portugal.

The Portuguese passport entitles you to travel to 186 countries around the world without a visa and to work or study in any EU country. In addition, according to a recent clarification to the immigration law, if a child is born on Portuguese territory to parents, one of whom has resided in the country for at least one year (or - has a residence permit based on the Golden Visa programme), can obtain Portuguese citizenship at birth.

Portugal has bilateral treaties with many countries that allow a dual citizenship. In other words, you will not have to renounce your current citizenship when obtaining a passport of Portugal.

Finally, Portugal has signed conventions on Avoidance of Double Taxation with a number of states (please consult with our lawyers on the list).