PF23589, House, Cascais

Charming chalet, located in one of the most prestigious areas of Parede. Previously it worked as a hostel and it can be converted into a familiar villa, distributed as follows:The ground floor comprehends a 36,18 sqm bedroom, two bathrooms (2,25 sqm each), a 1,57 sqm social bathroom, a 17,65 sqm entry hall, a 17,65 sqm dining room, a 25,50 sqm living room and a 17,82 sqm completely equipped kitchen.The first floor comprises four suites (34,48 sqm + 32,28 sqm + 24,13 sqm + 31,31 sqm).The -1 floor is composed by two bedrooms (23,46 sqm + 20,27 sqm), two bathrooms (14,16 sqm + 4,60 sqm), a 6,71 sqm laundry area, a 3,20 sqm storage area and a 36,14 sqm garage.This chalet is placed close to the Parede beach, the train station, schools and only a short walking distance from a garden that comprises a children's playground.This villa/ chalet has already been awarded due to its refreshing design.Working as a hostel it has capacity for 61 beds.

Centro Parede, Cascais

7 | 9 | 380.0 m2 | 398.0 m2



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