PF22503, House, Montemor-o-Novo

L’AND provides a limited number of houses that were designed by international renowned architects. Each villa was carefully designed in order to ensure completeprivac y, peacefulness and enhance the scener y.The Villas were built with natural materials such as stone and real wood. They were designed as a contemporar y reinterpretation of the Mediterranean houses toenable a smooth connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.Ever y Villa has its own private vineyard so that the owners can make their own custom-made wine at the resor t’s wine cellar with the help of the enology team. The ALICANTE BOUSCHET Villas are designed by SERGISON BATES Architects. Each villa features an organic and open dimension resembling a group of “rocks” wherethe entrance hall, the courtyards and the porches are the indentations of the rocks.Every unit is built around a central courtyard that acts as the heart of the house, looking over the scenery and the sky, similar to the ancient Roman villas.The pools and the terraces shape an additional geologic stratification.The villas are located near the central core which means that they benefit from a unique view to Montemor- o-Novo’s Castle.After becoming an owner L’AND provides you the oppor tunity of putting your Villa up for tourism exploitation and gives owners and guests access to all L’ANDresor t’s facilities and ser vices.• Villas with T2+1, T3 or T4+1 bedroom;•Gross construction area: 306m2 and 309m2;•Lot area: 2 996 m2 to 10 424 m2;• Tourism Exploration and Earnings;• Prices from 669 520€ to 1 017 280€.Houses for tourism exploration (Optional)Additional cost for decoration, furniture and equipment:T3 – 52 500€ T4+1 - 57 500€The villa completion period is between 8 and 14 months depending on thevilla’s size and complexity of the architecture personalization requested bythe owner.

, Montemor-o-Novo

4 | 343.0 m2 | 3659.0 m2



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