Portugal for life

Portugal: formula for your future

Thinking about the future for you and your loved ones is especially important in times of uncertainty and insecurity. Unfortunately, we face these worries again and again, and often they are caused by external circumstances beyond our control: economic crises, political instability or epidemics...
The Portuguese ERG Family Office offers its formula for a safe and rewarding future: since 2012 we have been helping our clients to build a new life on the edge of Europe, on the Atlantic coast, in Portugal!

New home

A "smart" investment in Portugal under the GOLDEN VISA program will give you a new home or a safe guarantee for the security of your savings.

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A new level of freedom

Live where you feel comfortable. With complete freedom of movement: regardless of passport stamps, visas, borders and other conventions.

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New Prospects

A residency in Portugal, and eventually a passport of citizenship, means new personal opportunities, but also a decent old age for parents and a future career for children.

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